Should I Repair or Replace My Appliance?

When appliances start making weird noises or working less efficiently, you might be tempted to scrap them and just buy new ones. However, there are often instances where repair is a much better option than replacement. It is important to know when to repair and when to replace. This can help to save you a lot of time and money. In this quick guide, we will provide you with some key factors to consider when deciding what to do about a malfunctioning appliance. So, if you have been wondering, should I replace my appliance, we are here to help.

Do Your Research

It is very important that you do your own research to learn which option will be best for you. You will want to get some estimates from repair professionals in your area. In most cases, an estimate can be obtained for free. You will want to get a few estimates and compare those prices. You can start by looking for info on how much does it cost to fix a fridge, stove, washer or dryer.

You will then want to compare those prices to the price of replacement. Be sure to consider delivery costs and installation costs when considering replacement.

Obviously, if a new appliance is $700 and a repair is only $70, it is not a very hard decision. However, the choice can get more complicated if the prices are closer.

When Prices Are Close

When the price of repair and the price of replacement are pretty close, you may need to consider some other factors. You will want to consider the age of the current appliance. How likely is it to need more repairs in the near future? Are you happy with the appliance overall, or did you want to upgrade soon anyway? These questions can help you determine if you should repair the existing appliance or go ahead and replace it.

Consider the Time and Hassle

Another important consideration is the time and hassle of shopping for new appliances and having them installed. If you are busy, or you are in a stage of life where you cannot invest this time, you might want to have your appliance repaired quickly. Even if the appliance needs replacement later on, having a repair done right now is an easy way to solve the problem when you don’t have the time or money to invest in appliance shopping and installation.

Consider Safety Issues

Major appliances are major electrical components of your house. They can affect the safety of your home as well. If your appliance is experiencing ongoing electrical problems, having it repaired over and over may not be a very safe option. You should consider if the appliance creates a safety risk in the home. If it is, then having the appliance replaced is probably the best option. Safety risks from major appliances can have huge consequences, like electrocution.

Consider the Environment

If you are not experiencing safety issues with your appliance, and a repair is a good option, you should consider that repair is a much better option for the environment. It is difficult to dispose of major appliances effectively. These bulky items are often discarded simply because individuals want to upgrade to the newest model. This can be a waste and can hurt the environment.

If you do decide to get rid of your appliance, please consider donating it or selling it to a repair shop that will repair it and resell it at a discount.

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