How To Properly Transport Your Fridge

How To Properly Transport Your Fridge

Whether you’re moving a fridge from one home to another or transporting it in a truck, it needs to be handled with care. A refrigerator can be extremely heavy and difficult to move. To make it easier and safer, use a dolly that has a base large enough for your fridge to rest on. Be sure to have someone help you tip the fridge back while you slide it underneath and secure it with straps.

Lay It On Its Side

The correct way to transport your refrigerator is to lay it on its side. This helps to distribute the weight evenly and prevents it from tipping over. It’s also a good idea to use straps or rope to keep the fridge in place while you’re moving it. If you must move a fridge on its side, however, you need to do it carefully. Fridges contain fluids like oil, lubricants, and refrigerant that can move to locations they aren’t supposed to be in when laid on their side. This can damage your appliance’s internal components, including the compressor. It may even cause your fridge to stop working altogether. To avoid this, you should only lay your refrigerator on its side for a few minutes at a time. Then, wait a couple of hours before putting it back upright.

Lay It On Its Face

Laying your fridge on its face isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it does require some planning. Using the right sized truck is key to success, as is ensuring that the fridge isn’t slouching or otherwise putting stress on the driver’s back. In addition, you’ll want to be sure to heed the manufacturer’s recommendations for the best route to your destination. Getting a little creative can pay dividends, as well. One cool trick is tying the fridge to the front of the vehicle with the help of a couple of straps. These straps should be the best sized possible. You’ll also want to make sure that they are not too tight, as this can result in your refrigerator sagging like a pack mule.

Lay It In The Bed Of A Truck

When transporting a fridge, it is important to know how to properly lay it down in the bed of a truck. This can make the process easier and reduce the chances of damage. To do this, you will need a truck ramp and a dolly. The ramp should be wide enough to accommodate the fridge while the dolly can help you move it up and down without causing it to fall backwards or tip over. Once you have your ramp and dolly, place the refrigerator on the dolly with its base parallel to the tailgate or bed of the pickup truck. Then, pull the dolly backwards towards you at a slight angle as two people push the refrigerator into the bed of the truck in one smooth action. Once the refrigerator is in the bed of the truck, secure it with ratchet straps. The straps should run over the top of the fridge and around the front. Tie them down so that they are tight and won’t come loose until you arrive at your destination.

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